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How do I know I will get my goods?

How You Know You Will Get Your Goods

If you are worried about buying from us because we are an online store here are a few things that you can consider in order to ease your mind.

Product Knowledge

  • House Shop staff have the appropriate product knowledge. We know what we are selling and we have the expertise in our field.
  • Our answers to your questions should indicate whether or not you are dealing with sales staff who do know their products.

Business Registration and Details

  • House Shop Quotes contain our CK Numbers which means that our business is correctly registered and all appropriate fees are paid up.
  • CIPC will have the appropriate tools to verify this.
  • We have a landline telephone number which is answered by House Shop staff during office hours.

Supplier Support

  • In order to sell the products, that we do, House Shop needs to have accounts with each of our suppliers.
  • These accounts can be verified by simply calling any supplier to verify that our accounts are in good standing.

Watch our quick presentation explaining How It Works at House Shop. 

How Does House Shop Work?

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